Brad Lamberton

Brad brings 7 years of experience to the Industrial Loading Rack industry.  Many clients in Western NY, Western PA, WV and Southern ON use Brad as a resource and advisor to keep their projects on time and successful.

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Saferack responded quickly with a custom design that worked perfectly for what we needed

Project was to improve safety and ease of access to tops of tankers at an unloading spot. Brad was responsive to questions, helpful in designing a solution that worked for us. The Aluminum Self-Adjusting Stair gangway arrived just a few weeks after we issued a PO.

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Great customer service.

SafeRack has incredible customer service and a great sales team. We had a little issue with our procurement and SafeRack logistics, but it was resolved promptly. I couldn’t be more pleased with their customer service and how they made my delivery a top priority. Excellent!

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Thank you for your fast service.

Our main concerns here [are] safety and reliability. The gangways have proven to be the safest option for gaining access to the rail cars. The units have been very dependable, including one unit that is over 15 years old, and they were innovative. Due to difficulty placing all the tankers, SafeRack incorporated two of the gangways on a sliding track allowing for much needed adjustment.

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The quality of workmanship is excellent.

The product was delivered very fast and communication with my rep was very good. He made sure everything turned out well with my order. The quality of workmanship is excellent with SafeRack. Overall, my experience was positive including all aspects of the product and sale. That says a lot about the employees working for the company, which in turn says a lot about the quality of the company.