Optic Rack Control Monitor – 8130-120

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Well-suited for bottom-loading applications with vehicles outfitted with Optic sensors, and also suited for overfill protection while top-loading railcars or tank trucks. Generates a unique, pulsed — and intrinsically safe — electrical signal that is transmitted to the sensors via a coiled cord and optic-format plug. When sensors on the transport are dry a signal is returned to the monitor. If the signal meets pre-determined characteristics the monitor goes to a “permissive” state, which changes the status light on the front of the 8100 Series Optic Rack Monitor from red (“non-permissive”) to green (“permissive”).

If the sensor becomes wet, the relay is opened and the status light changes from green to red (non-permissive), shutting down the loading process. The Model 8130 Optic Monitor with Ground Verification includes displayed status of the optic sensor (“permissive” or “non-permissive”) and mode of operation. If the bypass mode is activated the green and red status lights will flash alternately. If the monitor does not receive a proper ground verification signal, the red status light will flash repeatedly, shutting down the loading process. Ground verification cannot be bypassed.

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24"x4"x4" 1.30lbs
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8130-120 Civacon Optic Rack Monitor For Overfill And Ground Verification


8130-120 Civacon Optic Rack Monitor For Overfill And Ground Verification

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Weight 1.30 oz
Dimensions 24.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 in


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