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SafeRack and Atlatl Growth Brings High-Tech Opportunity to Local Area

Accelerated growth at SafeRack and its sister company Atlatl Software is bringing high-tech manufacturing and software technology jobs to the area.

Andrews, SC – September 27, 2014

SafeRack, a leader in custom loading platforms and gangways for truck, railcar and industrial safety applications, and its sister company Atlatl Software, pioneer of the software category Sales Resource Planning (SRP) are helping drive the U.S. manufacturing renaissance.

The companies have been growing substantially over the past year. Atlatl recently announced that it will be expanding to a larger 15,000 square foot office in Charleston, S.C. to house more than 150 employees with capacity to double that amount. Its 1,474 percent growth rate has led to a nationwide hiring initiative to bring artists, animators, human-machine interface designers and software developers, among support staff to the “Silicon Harbor” area.

SafeRack has been helping spur the manufacturing renaissance in America with high tech manufacturing opportunities in the precision welding, laser cutting, robotics and assembly technologies. The company’s patent-pending technologies are used to manufacture fall protection and loading/unloading systems that safeguard workers and enable them to work more efficiently in demanding industrial environments.

SafeRack has grown exponentially over the past few years, fueled by a dramatic increase in sales, driven largely by the Atlatl Software Sales Automation Suite. The company has hired more than 100 new employees this year, with plans to continue hiring more by years’ end. This past May, SafeRack received the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce 2014 Excellence in Industry Award and looks forward to continued hyper growth.

Both companies are driving the technological transformation in American manufacturing. SafeRack was the inspiration for and genesis of Atlatl Software. SafeRack loading technologies are used by leading producers and transporters in the oil and natural gas industries, among related industries such as chemicals and intermediates. The country’s booming energy sector placed greater demand for SafeRack products, many of which are engineered-to-order.

“As a manufacturer of precision-engineered, configurable products, SafeRack needed a faster way to meet growing demand for customized solutions. We developed Atlatl software to give our sales reps and distributors a faster, easier way to sell customized systems. As it turns out, other manufacturers were struggling with the same issue, and Atlatl Software was born,” said Fred Harmon, Co-founder.

Atlatl Software digitizes complex engineering rules that guide the design and development of custom, configurable products. Dimensional characteristics as well as load parameters and materials are part of a complex matrix of potential solutions. Unique to Atlatl Software is its 3D virtualized interface that’s as fun and engaging to use as a video game like Minecraft. Sales reps simply tap, swipe or pinch and stretch parts onto an environment that simulates the actual industrial setting into which the SafeRack product will go, such as a railway terminal. What once took numerous weeks and involved several departments, is now accomplished in minutes using a tablet or computer equipped with the Atlatl app.

“Our vision is to make it safer and easier for our customers to perform their jobs, whether they’re unloading railcars or selling industrial machinery. Customer service is as much about making it easy to do business with us as it is about delivering quality and dependability throughout the life of our products. We relentlessly pursue both,” said Rob Honeycutt, Co-founder.

About Atlatl Software
Atlatl Software is a SixAxis LLC company based in Charleston, S.C. Founded in 2012, the company established the Sales Resource Planning (SRP) software category. SRP is SaaS-based and combines the best elements of CPQ, CRM and SFA into a single application using a revolutionary 3D interface. Atlatl SRP Software was built by sales and manufacturing specialists and is the first 3D enterprise-class selling solution that uses an advanced, intuitive interface design and the latest in mobile technologies to deliver information and efficiency to sales and manufacturing professionals, helping them sell and produce more products in less time and at a lower cost.

For more information, download the Atlatl SRP Software Guide, The Ultimate Sales Tool. To learn more about Atlatl SRP visit the Atlatl Software website, call (855) 462-8528 or follow @AtlatlSoftware on Twitter.

About SafeRack
SafeRack is a SixAxis LLC company based in Andrews, SC. Founded in 2003, the company manufactures industrial safety products and provides turnkey services that improve worker safety and productivity in truck, railcar and industrial loading applications. SafeRack gangways and loading platforms are engineered and configured to comply with safety regulations, delivering a fall protection system that’s easy to operate and requires little maintenance. Many of the world’s leading rail and truck carriers of crude oil, liquid natural gas, and other liquid products trust SafeRack for their unparalleled delivery speed, service and quality. For more information, download the SafeRack Extended Product catalog. To learn more about SafeRack loading technologies, visit the SafeRack website or call (866) 761-7225.